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What Is The Best Treatment For Surgical Scars?

Scarring is something that almost all of us will encounter throughout our lives in one form or another. I treat a lot of acne scarring here at Clinic10. Scarring can occur as a result of complications related to active acne, but post-surgical scarring is very different. These imperfections can sometimes serve as reminders of traumatic experiences, which is why many of us look for the best treatment solutions for scarring after surgery.


Radiofrequency Microneedling


One of the very best treatments that I can’t recommend enough is radiofrequency microneedling. As part of the groundbreaking Focus Dual® system from Lynton, radiofrequency microneedling is quite the game-changer and has been at the forefront of the aesthetics industry in recent years. It uses a unique combination of world-leading technologies that have come together to provide maximum skin rejuvenation. 

Both radiofrequency heat energy and controlled channels of micro-trauma initiate natural healing processes within the skin and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin fibres. Following treatment, skin appears tighter, smoother, lifted, firm and contoured.

This technique is proven to reduce the appearance of scarring by breaking down old scar tissue and stimulating the production of collagen and elastin proteins, which is why many skin experts recommend radiofrequency microneedling as one of the very best treatment options for reducing the appearance of scars after surgery.


Fractional Laser Resurfacing


Fractional laser resurfacing has massively improved over the years since its launch in 2014., offering an even better skin rejuvenation option with minimal downtime. It has quickly become the best treatment recommended post surgery for reducing scars. Scars are often considered to be lifelong, but this award-winning laser procedure has changed these perceptions.

This type of treatment uses controlled laser energy to trigger thermal damage within the scar tissue and promote collagen renewal, dramatically rejuvenating the surface of the skin in a similar way to traditional fully ablative resurfacing procedures, but without the inconvenience of prolonged downtime and recovery. This anti-ageing and scar laser procedure leaves your skin looking and feeling smooth and radiant.




If your scarring is a little more subtle and presents with discoloration, uneven tone and purple/red colouring, the amazing illumiFacial offers numerous benefits and is highly popular among my clients at Clinic10. Regarded as a ‘next generation’ Photofacial, illumiFacial uses an exclusive combination of specially-formulated skincare products and medical grade IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology, both of which are from the genius minds at Lynton. 

While the best results are seen within those who present signs of congestion, discolouration and premature ageing, the illumiFacial can also dramatically minimise the appearance of post-surgical scarring by cleansing, peeling, stimulating and regenerating the skin. Is an illumiFacial the best treatment for post-surgical scarring? That depends on your needs and your skin journey… though we are able to offer a combination of treatments to maximise those results.


Where Can You Find The Best Treatment Surgical Scars?


At Clinic10, I put my clients at the heart of their clinic journey. We begin with a thorough but relaxed consultation process, which allows me to understand your needs and expectations.

I assess your scarring to determine the best treatment and the skin plan that will work best for you. I make sure all of your questions have been answered so that you feel comfortable and excited to start your skin journey at Clinic10

Now, in 2022, many surgical procedures are, thankfully, so much more advanced than they used to be, minimising the chances of severe scarring. But even the smallest of scars can sometimes make us self conscious and be a source of anxiety. I make it my mission to bring only the very highest standards and to source the very best medical grade equipment available in the non-surgical aesthetics arena. All of this is available here in Cheshire and Flintshire.

To book an appointment or to discuss your concerns, please do call 079632 19368 or email any time. Clinic10 is set in a discreet little haven where you can relax and talk through your skin concerns in a relaxed and calm environment. We have also taken the stress out of parking too with free parking spaces! 

Always delighted to hear from you and chat through your journey towards happy, healthy, clear skin. Please do get in touch today.


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