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Focus dual HIFU & RF Microneedling treatment

Focus Dual Vs Traditional HIFU

At Clinic10, we can’t stop talking about Focus Dual, and neither can our clients. Since its inception, this revolutionary skin tightening treatment has taken the aesthetics industry by storm thanks to its unique combination of technologies.  The joining together of existing rejuvenation devices in one machine is what makes Focus Dual so special, but it can also cause some confusion. Ahead of Andrea’s exciting upcoming webinar, we wanted to clear up the differences between this new treatment when compared to traditional HIFU.


Focus Dual And Traditional HIFU


So, as we touched on above, Focus Dual is a new non-surgical face and neck lifting device from Lynton Lasers that combines 2 of their existing technologies – radiofrequency microneedling and high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU). Traditional HIFU involves the use of targeted heat energy to encourage collagen production in the deepest layers of the skin. This is available at Clinic10 as a standalone procedure, but our machine takes it to the next level.

Our experts are now able to stimulate healthy collagen production from within through the application of both heat energy and controlled microtrauma. Double the treatment for double the results! 

Previously, clients would have had to schedule 2 separate sessions to achieve the same level of effective skin tightening. Thanks to Focus Dual, treatment time is halved, and varying needle depth, radiofrequency settings and HIFU focal depths offer ultimate comfort and flexibility. 

If you’re looking to restore smoothness and tighten and revitalise the skin at every layer, choose Focus Dual for maximum results.


Our Webinar


Whilst there’s no doubt that Focus Dual will have piqued your interest, there’s so much more that it can do! That’s why our resident laser specialist, Andrea, is hosting an informative webinar to answer all of your burning questions. 

Andrea was actually involved in the testing phase for the device prior to its release, so she really knows her stuff! Not only that, but Focus Dual is exclusive to Clinic10 within the CH postcode, which means we’re your go-to for supreme skin tightening here on the border of North Wales and Chesire. 

Register your interest for Andrea’s upcoming webinar by emailing or beat the crowds by scheduling your consultation now. Simply call 079632 19368 or drop by for a cup of tea and a chat!