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Laser Hair Removal Machine

Why Did I Invest In A New Laser Hair Removal Machine At Clinic10?

At Clinic10, I want nothing less than the very best for my clients. That means bringing the latest innovations in aesthetics to the Cheshire and Flintshire area to optimise the results of every single treatment, from skin tightening to hair removal. Despite already owning an effective medical grade IPL and laser hair removal machine, I recently introduced a swanky new system to Clinic10 – the Motus AY from DEKA, who are supported in the UK by Lynton. The difference it has already made is incredible!

Before I invested in the Motus AY system, I used the Lynton LUMINA, which is a medical-grade IPL and laser hair removal machine. While it isn’t at all unbearable, my clients found that the pain associated with this type of treatment was rather uncomfortable, making for a less-than-appealing clinic experience. This system is also slower in terms of treatment times, meaning longer sessions in-clinic, when I’m sure most of you have places to be!

I was still able to achieve a long-lasting reduction in unwanted hair and I still use the LUMINA for several other treatment applications, but the Motus AY is the ONLY system I now use for hair removal and I’m sure you’ll see why.


In With The New


First and foremost, the Motus AY is the only FDA-approved Alexandrite and Nd:YAG laser in the world – yes, THE WORLD! What’s more, MOVEO Technology delivers treatment through an integrated sapphire contact cooling tip with ultra-short pulse durations. This unique combination of technologies allows for virtually pain-free hair removal for clients of ALL skin and hair types, which is something that I couldn’t previously offer. 

With this device, I have been able to diversify my treatment portfolio and provide a solution to long-term concerns that certain patients didn’t have access to, until now. I want Clinic10 to be a space for absolutely anyone and everyone and the Motus AY helps me to do that. 

As well as an almost painless application, this is a superfast laser hair removal machine, meaning that I can achieve the very best results in fewer treatment sessions, saving you time and money. These results are also unlike any I’ve been able to deliver before thanks to the option of offering double the laser energy transmission via the machine’s innovative handpiece. During your treatment, I use a glide oil to aid the process and minimise your discomfort, which is less messy than other methods and much more efficient.


Try My New Laser Hair Removal Machine


My clients can’t get enough of the Motus AY system, my new laser hair removal system from the great minds at DEKA. However, it’s more than just a laser hair removal machine as it can also be used to treat a variety of skin concerns, such as vascular lesions and the signs of premature ageing. The only way to find out what it can do for you is to ask away, or to book a consultation with me here at Clinic10.

During your appointment, we’ll talk through your concerns and I’ll explain how the Motus AY works and what it could offer for you. It might be that another treatment option is better suited to your needs, or even a combination of the Motus AY and another of my state-of-the-art systems. Your treatment plan is tailored specifically to you so that you get the most out of your clinic experience and walk away thrilled with your results.

Please call  M:07963 219 368 (or drop me a message on WhatsApp) or email and I’ll get you booked in as soon as possible. Clinic10 is just 10 minutes from the beautiful Chester city centre and the Flintshire border, set in a beautiful, private location with ample free parking! Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates.

Til next time

Andrea x