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Pain-Free Hair Removal Chester

Have You Thought About Having Pain-Free Hair Removal Chester?

One of the most common concerns among my laser hair removal clients is discomfort. When you hear the word “laser” you might associate it with pain or even fear! In truth, laser treatments in the past have been known to provide a certain level of discomfort, but with the continued advancements in aesthetic technologies, I can now offer pain-free hair removal Chester, Cheshire, North Wales, and Flintshire-wide.


The Deka – Motus AY


As some of you may already know, I recently introduced the revolutionary Motus AY laser system to Clinic10. The amazing new Motus AY system from DEKA allows me to offer pain-free, superfast laser hair removal for all skin types. It is the world’s first true Alexandrite and Nd:YAG laser that offers this! What that essentially means is that I can implement the combined power of two gold-standard medical grade lasers for maximum results. It’s virtually pain-free and for all skin types!

The FDA-approved Motus AY boasts a proven safety record, offering safe and effective results for all skin colours on the Fitzpatrick Scale. Traditional laser devices have been limited to only a narrow spectrum of skin colours, but with my swanky new machine, I have been able to broaden and diversify my expert skin and laser services. If you’re looking for the very best in pain-free hair removal Chester and Flintshire has to offer, then look no further. It’s one of my most popular treatment options, suitable for most areas of the body, whether your hair is dense and coarse or thin and sparse.

There are many other treatments the amazing Motus AY offers, including acne treatments and skin rejuvenation and tightening. Find out more about what the Motus AY and Clinic10 has to offer as well as super fast, pain-free hair removal Chester, Cheshire and Flintshire here.


Why Choose Clinic10?


At Clinic10, I am committed to using only the very best medical-grade systems, and the Motus AY is no exception. DEKA are widely known and renowned throughout the aesthetics industry for the extensive research they carry out as well as the development of pioneering medical laser equipment. I am so proud to work with them and to offer pain-free hair removal Chester, Cheshire and Flintshire-wide.

I take the time to listen to my clients’ skin concerns so that we can formulate a bespoke treatment plan to offer only the very best results based on years of in-clinic experience, training and treating hundreds of people combined with brilliant technology. I want you to look and feel fantastic every day!

These non-invasive procedures, including the Motus AY, have very little to no downtime at all, which is ideal for those of my clients with a busy schedule and social life. Side effects are minimal and discomfort is practically non-existent.


Book Your Pain-Free Hair Removal Chester, Cheshire And Flintshire


No need to worry or feel anxious at all about anything when you schedule a call or an appointment at Clinic10, least of all pain. It’s a very relaxed but professional approach here in the clinic to help you feel at ease and relaxed throughout your entire experience, including hassle-free parking just a minute’s walk away!  

Pain-free hair removal Chester clients at Clinic 10, just a stone’s throw away from Chester city centre, are loving their sessions, feel totally relaxed and are absolutely delighted with their results!

I’m always happy to talk through any concerns to help you make a fully informed decision about your treatment and skin plan. It all starts with a chat or a consultation – schedule yours in-clinic or over a chat on the phone if you’d prefer. Please do call me on M: 079632 19368 or email


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