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Thread Veins

How To Prevent Those Pesky Thread Veins

Thread veins are among the things I treat most regularly at Clinic10 and my brand new Motus AY system from DEKA allows me to do so in a superfast, virtually pain-free way…


What Are Thread Veins?


Also known as ‘spider veins’ due to their spindly, web-like appearance, they most commonly appear on the legs or the face. A culmination of small blood vessels that have succumbed to pressure. By that, I mean the valves responsible for pushing blood through these vessels have weakened over time, causing a build-up of blood and minor swelling. The blood vessels dilate and become visible beneath the surface of the skin..

It’s important not to confuse thread veins with varicose veins, which are much bigger and protrude from the skin. Varicose veins are more commonly associated with pain and discomfort, whereas thread veins are more of a superficial concern. Unfortunately, I don’t treat varicose veins at Clinic10 as this concern is best suited to your GP.


How To Prevent Thread Veins


If you suffer from prominent leg veins, sitting or standing for extended periods leads to increased blood pressure towards the lower half of your body, causing the inner workings of your smaller blood vessels to collapse under the strain. Make sure you get plenty of regular exercise, as failing to do so is another contributing factor to high blood pressure and an increased risk of thread veins. If you are relaxing at home, putting your feet up to help the blood flow back towards your heart can make a subtle difference in the long run.

The cause of facial thread veins is sometimes less obvious. I remind you all the time about the importance of wearing SPF year-round, but what you might not know is that sun damage can also enlarge your blood vessels and draw them closer to the surface of the skin. Unavoidable changes to the weather can affect your circulation more than you realise, leading to burst blood vessels. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet is crucial to your skincare and keeping those pesky veins away. 


How To Treat Thread Veins


Sometimes, there’s simply nothing you can do to avoid those pesky thread veins. Your chances of developing them are even linked to your genetics. I’m always here to help restore a clearer, more youthful complexion to your skin using the most advanced aesthetic technologies. Laser and IPL therapy is the best way to deal with your unwanted leg and facial vessels as it reduces and improves the overall condition and appearance of your skin. 

My latest addition, the Motus AY, is the only FDA-approved Alexandrite and Nd:YAG laser in the world and is used throughout the NHS, with a proven safety record that you can have confidence in. Now available here at Clinic10, it also allows me to treat all skin types on the Fitzpatrick scale!

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