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Welcome to Clinic 10

Laser and Skin Experts with a Wide Range of Treatments Available

Here at Clinic 10, we are highly experienced and qualified aestheticians who set out to transform each and every client who walks through our door. Using only the very best highest quality, UK manufactured medical-grade systems, as well as the very best cosmeceutical skincare products on the market today to achieve extraordinary results for all our clients. 

Our welcoming and discreet approach ensures that our clients always feel at ease. From the consultation, through to the procedure itself, we always strive to reassure our clients throughout the process, and we will be delighted to answer any of your questions or queries, as we realise getting an aesthetic treatment may be a new experience for you.

Andrea Davies Skin Specialist Chester

– Andrea, Owner at Clinic 10

Skin & Laser Clinic Chester

The Skin & Laser Clinic Has Moved

We’ve recently expanded and moved premises to our very own place in Bretton.

The clinic sits on the border of Cheshire and Flintshire, located perfectly for customers accessing from Chester or North Wales, without hitting any traffic hotspots.

As always, the clinic is in a discreet location, with loads of free parking.

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Your Local Skin experts

Here at Clinic10, you can feel rest assured that you will be given an outcome that you are not only satisfied with but one that exceeds your expectations. We put all of our efforts into your treatment plan, offering you affordable solutions and excellent value for money. 

What’s excellent about Clinic10 is that we have various aesthetic treatments on offer to counteract several skin concerns and your perfect imperfections. Whether you’re in desperate need of a skin rejuvenating treatment that tackles ageing, or you’re looking to banish those hairs on your legs with laser or IPL treatments.

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Pesky thread veins .. Before being treated and immediately after! The treatment of these veins took approximately 4 minutes! One of my most popular treatments I have literally zapped thousands of these pesky veins away ! It’s super quick, super effective this is because we only use the very best medical grade equipment to tackle this issue and technology is solely for thread vein removal, uneven tone, pigmentation and acne scarring! 👌🏼🤓 The redness will settle down in about 30 to 40 minutes and is perfectly normal. Some don’t get any redness at all … Do your research when looking for this treatment as not all lasers and clinicians are the same! 
Prices from £80 
1 to 4 sessions recommended for the best results. 

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Dermalux LED combines three clinically proven wavelengths delivered via unique targeted LED technology for total skin optimisation and rejuvenation and it’s only £35 and definitely not to be underestimated, it’s brilliant! 👌🏼☺️ also sooo relaxing! ☺️
Add on a Tri Fruit Acid Peel also a super duper infusion of Stem Cell Serum, combining 3 plant stem cells, for intense hydration and glow, increase proliferation of the dermal fibroblasts, stimulates dermal regeneration, boosts skin-cell renewal, and repairs photo-ageing for that extra special boost.. all of this together is only £65 😮 WhatsApp, message or call ☎️07963219368 

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Magic of non surgical face and neck lifting here @theclinic10 We use the Focus Dual Hifu and Radio Frequency Microneedling (and of course, vast in clinic experience using this innovative sytem 🤓😊) to achieve these bloomin marvellous results !! Trust the process 👌🏼

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This ladies neck is nearly TWO YEARS OLDER on the after picture… wait, what, how !? Not only does she look more youthful, but, her neck hasn’t aesthetically aged during that time, it has in fact done the opposite, improved 🤯! Imagine if she hadn’t done anything at all 🤔🤷‍♀️ She had a slight tan in the beginning but not on her most recent picture. This area particularly bothered her and is notoriously difficult to get great results, so with a combination of 👉🏻Focus Dual Non Surgical Neck Lifting 👈🏻 a regular skin routine and maintenance in clinic she looks, and more importantly, feels great! It is easy to focus on the results alone but we can easily forget we are also slowing the ageing process right down too so not appearing to age or deteriorate in these areas while time passes by! I am also very fortunate to have vast experience using this amazing system, being the first in the UK to show case it and carry out case studies, i absolutely love it and the results. Trust the process! There is a brilliant spring offer on right now on Focus Dual Non Surgical Face and Neck Lift. Limited availability so please do get in touch to find out more .. Andrea x 

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Deka FDA Approved Medical Grade Pain Free Super Fast Laser Hair Removal in action 🧡  At Clinic10 we have treated literally hundreds of people and body areas 😂 nothing phases us at all ! We treat all skin types, all colours of the Fitzpatrick scale, male, female, non binary. When it comes to lasers we always recommend do your research on what equipment is used as not all are the same, they vary hugely in what they can achieve in results, time invested and professionalism as well as pain. We have sourced the very best laser equipment to ensure, a super fast, pain free medical grade hair removal solution for you! We often have new clients coming to us who have had 10/15 sessions elsewhere and still haven’t achieved results they expected, this can be up to two years of their time, travel and money wasted - false economy 🤷‍♀️ If you’d like to chat with us then please do ask away, get in touch we would love to hear from you ☎️07963219368 
Andrea 😊🧡 
🧡Prices start from £45. 
🧡Pay plans available too! 
🧡Discreet but easy to access location with free parking 👌🏼 

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Promax Radio Frequency Skin Tightening on my good self ☺️ I’ve been feeling and looking very tired lately, menopause and being in my mid 50’s it’s kinda understandable 🤷‍♀️ My skin was dull, flat and feeling a bit grey and lax 🫣 so made some time to treat my self to this brilliant facial that has no downtime and is a great way to improve and maintain great, healthy looking skin ! This can also be used on the body for tightening too!! This is definitely a part of my skin maintenance facial 😊
🧡 Double cleanse 
🧡 Apply Radio Frequency Skin Lotion 
🧡 Treat Décolletage- Neck- Face - Under eye - upper lid lift 
🧡 Cleanse 
🧡 Finish with Light Soothe lotion & Light Protect, Factor 50 .. every day and always 👌🏼💪🏼
🧡 Brighter, Tighter and getting my glow back !
A course is always recommended and should be part of our skin maintenance for the very best results! 

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Clinical-Therapy rooms available for rent here @theclinic10 🧡 We are looking for professional people looking to set up their own business or if you are established and want to relocate to beautiful central location based on Cheshire and Flintshire border with easy, breezy access to & from major road networks around too, this could be the perfect solution for you 👌🏼 Day rates, half day rates or hourly rates are available with onsite parking too! #clinicspaceforrent #therapyrooms #therapyroomstorent #aestheticians #therapists #nutritionist #podiatrist #counsellors, #physiotherapists #menopausefitness #professionals#cheshire #flintshire #chester #cheshirebusiness #northwalesbusiness #trichology #medicalprofessionals
Thread vein removal … these may not look too bad but catching them in the early stages when they aren’t too noticeable is very wise, they don’t go away or fade if just left they just get to be more pesky, and definitely more noticeable. If left thread veins and can become, hot, irritated, inflamed, pustules, lumpy and bumpy!! Early intervention is always best!! We only use the very best medical grade equipment here @theclinic10 ➡️ Prices from £85 
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