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Check out how the Murad Advanced Facial Methods can work to transform your appearance.

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Here at Clinic10, we ignite your skin’s most beautiful potential. Founded by dermatologist and pharmacist Dr. Howard Murad, the Murad Method uses the unique science of water to create products that transform peoples skin. Murad’s methods are consistently evolving so that they can obtain results like no other, and we are proud to be able to provide such industry-leading practices at our clinic in Mold. 

Dr Murad’s mission is to develop high-performance clinical solutions that combat the consequences that ageing has on our skin. Hydration, a healthy complexion and the form of our facial structure are just three things that we begin to lack in as we age. The Murad Method was designed to reignite the skin with its health and youth.

What’s better, the Murad treatments are entirely customised for each and every client so that optimum results are always met. As a bespoke treatment, clients can be fully confident in that it’ll give them the best chances at attaining youthful skin, and for the longest time possible too.

The Murad Facial Process

One of our clinicians will analyse your skin upon the consultation so that we can determine hows best to design a specific Murad treatment just for you. We want to address the skin concerns that you have, as well as deliver you with results that only exceed your expectations. 

During each 30 minute facial, a touchpoint massage will be undergone to help relieves stress, as well as relax you and reignite you with your mindfulness. This is so that we can get the most from your facial, which is designed to calm and rejuvenate. 

Technoceuticals are made up of a dermatological developed skincare routine that is designed to combat ageing at a cellular level. The high-performance Murad peel is combined with concentrates that penetrate the skin so that not only the surface is rejuvenated, but the dermis is too. The Murad technoceutical peels come in various forms; see below:

Technoceuticals AHA Glycolic Peel

The Murad Technoceutical AHA Glycolic Peel gives exceptional anti-ageing results, in terms of a healthier, glowing complexion that is smooth and clear. The Glycolic Acid exfoliates, smoothing out the skin’s surface and banishing any impurities. A unique patented blend of antioxidants, calming agents and hydrators begins to soothe the exfoliated area, leaving it revitalised and soft. This peel can be modified for sensitive skin too.

Technoceuticals 5 in 1 Intensive Glycolic Peel

The Murad Intensive 5 in 1 Glycolic Peel is ideal for fine lines and wrinkles; with its intense strength in components, its able to even the skin tone while also resurface the skin, leaving an intensely exfoliated and smooth complexion. By targeting the deeper lines and wrinkles, this peel is fantastic for people over the age of 50. The skin is left with clarity and glow.

Technoceuticals Advanced Retinol Peel

This Advanced Dual Phase Power Peel combines Professional strength Retinol with a Tri- Acid Complex for ultimate anti-ageing benefits. It’s able to restore elastin and resilience of the skin so that sagging skin is no longer. What’s more, it brightens the complexion while also evening the skin tone as the surface is restored by its exfoliation. Hydrate your skin with this peel, and it will be left supple, smooth and clear.

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Sun Undone Vitamin C Facial

The Murad Sun Undone Vitamin C Facial brings back the skin’s radiance by targetting sun-damaged skin, as well as skin that is lacking in collagen. With its Vitamin C properties, it brightens the surface on completion. Not to mention, it’s collagen-infused formula rejuvenates the skin, leaving it clear, smooth and plump. The Murad Vitamin C facial’s anti-ageing results are incredible. 

Blemish Enzyme Facial

The Murad Blemish Enzyme Treatment is able to unclog the pores, while also calming redness of the skin so that its results consist of a clear complexion that is prevented from further breakouts. This is especially effective for spot-prone skin and has been known to treat all severities of acne.

Please get in touch for bookings or enquiries, as our online booking system is temporarily unavailable.
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Murad Method Treatments For The Eyes

Murad Method Treatments can also be used to treat several conditions that are associated with the eyes. These treatments can be added as a bolt-on to your facial if necessary.

Wide Awake Eyes

If your eyes are looking how tired you’re feeling, the Wide Awake Eyes Murad treatment is the one or you. This multi-award winning eye lifting firming treatment is able to instantly lift hooded eyes, as well as tighten any sagging skin found in that region. Not only that, but it is able to fill in fine lines and wrinkles too; turning back the clock on your eyes.

The Eyes Have it

The Eyes Have It focuses primarily on rehydrating the eyes and eye regions. Its firming abilities and triple-action patented formula can firm the eye area by 48% after just one application. Your eyes will be left bright, soothed and hydrated for an overall youthful outcome.

Please get in touch for bookings or enquiries, as our online booking system is temporarily unavailable.
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